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What is "UX/UI Design"?

Such a silly-sounding name, eh friend? I think so too.

"UX" simply means "user experience" while "UI" simply means "user interface". 

"UX Designers" focus on the holistic user experience of a product or service, while "UI Designers" help create a smooth, enticing user-centric web experience to communicate the "UX design" of a brand. As you've probably already deducted, these two terms and roles usually go hand-in-hand.

At Contrive The Vibe, I provide you with both by keeping your target audience, or "user persona" at the forefront of every single design decision we make. My websites are intentionally highly interactive and 100% focused on being user-friendly. I take the extra time to optimize all viewpoints of your website so that anyone on any device can experience your website and brand in the best way possible. Have you ever clicked on a mobile site that was a complete user disaster? So have I! After all, what's the point in having a gorgeous website if no one can navigate it? 

Websites Designed

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Why Wix?

Wix is the most innovative web design and development platform on the market. Wix gives me total freedom so we can design any kind of website for you—no matter what you need. It’s also the place where you can manage your entire brand or business online. There are a lot of reasons why I choose Wix as my primary platform for my clients' sites. Although I have experience with Squarespace, Shopify, Godaddy and Wordpress, Wix is hands down my favorite website host to work with. Here's why:

  • Top-grade, reliable hosting and security

  • Industry leading SEO to make sure you are found on Google and other search platforms

  • Unlimited storage. Your site can have as many pages and images as you want.

  • Custom domains that you can choose or connect your own.

  • Professional business solutions like eCommerce, Restaurant ordering & reservations, Online booking systems, and more.

  • Mobile management from the app so you can see when someone visits your site, chat with customers from your phone, and more.

  • Friendly CRM & Marketing tools to help you manage your customer base and send out email campaigns.

  • Seamless website handoff so you can easily make updates to your site going forward and manage your customers.

  • World-class support. Wix is there for any and all of your questions.

Estimated Timeline

Note: complete branding and website projects may take longer, depending on the size of the project, your needs and our level of communication.

A new  website can be launched in approximately six weeks depending on communication and amount of edits needed. Below you can find a breakdown of the process. We will agree on the launch date and work backwards from there, with regular check-ins and dates for reviews and revisions. Throughout our process you should expect regular updates and virtual meetings/phone calls.

Week 1: Market research. I'll get to know you, your business, and your competition. 


Week 2: Develop messaging and strategy. 


Week 3: Site Mapping (layout of website), color palette, fonts.


Weeks 4-5: Website creation. I'll package everything together in your stunning new website. I'll also connect your new CRM, online form, domain, and social media accounts. 


Week 6: Google search indexing and launch. Google My Business set up and integration. Client handoff and Wix tutorial.

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