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Brand: Your "brand" is how people see your business and what they think about you.

Branding: "Branding" is a verb. It is the action a business takes to help intentionally construct how the public views your "brand".

Brand Identity: Your "brand identity" are all the elements that help people recognize the identity of your brand. i.e. your logo, color palette, brand voice, brand stance, your website, social media feed, etc. "Brand Asset" closely falls under this definition as well: anything created to help people recognize your brand.

Brand Development: "Brand Development" is the process it takes to create the holistic aspects of your brand: colors, voice, positioning, identity, etc. It is also the process of digging into the root and heart center of your business and is very similar to business coaching, but you leave with tangibles for your business.

Brand Audit: A "brand audit", like any other audit, is simply taking a big picture look at what is working for your brand and what isn't. This is best done with a third party, objective perspective. Some things that can be used in a "brand audit" include your sales, traffic data on Google My Business, your website and socials, reviews, rate of return customers, social media engagement rates, etc.

Brand Awareness: "Brand Awareness" is creating brand recognition and memory in your target market. This can be created through brand consistency, free events, sensory marketing strategy and more.

Brand Consistency: "Brand Consistency" is the art of your brand being consistent in all forms and ways in which your target audience experiences you. Whether digital, print, virtual or in person, your brand should be distinctly the same.

Brand Equity: "Brand Equity" is the value that your brand brings to the table. This is not limited to financial value. Social credit fits here nicely.

Brand Roadmap/Guideline: A visual guideline and document that explains every aspect of you brand. This includes design elements and positioning. At CTV, your brand guidelines are included with your visual brand representation.

Brand Pillars: "Brand Pillars" are the foundational topics that your brand cares about the most and is associated with. Most brands have between 3-5 "brand pillars" that they talk about on their platform on a consistent basis.

Brand Personality: Based off of the corporate model of a business being its own entity, brands have their own unique personality in which they interact with the world. At CTV, we develop your brand personality through archetypes, astrology and getting to know you. Every brand has a unique personality and honing into this personality is the key to making a "brand" seem human.

Brand Positioning: "Brand Positioning" is how you stand out from competitors in your target market. Your "brand positioning" should be clearly communicated and represented by every person involved in your business.

Brand Voice: Your "brand voice" is heavily dependent upon your "brand personality". Your "brand voice" is simply how your brand sounds, whether written, verbal or auditory (sound). Consistency, like with everything in branding, is key.

Color Palette: Although this one seems obvious, it's important to clarify that a branded color palette uses the exact same shade of colors across all platforms. "The Brand Bruja" prefers using HEX codes because they're perfectly "on brand" for CTV.

Customer Persona: A "customer persona" is the customer version of "brand identity". It is a profile that represents your brand's absolute "swoon worthy" target audience to work with. 

Logo: Your "logo" is your visual mark that represents your brand. A well-rounded brand has a suite of logos to choose from for maximum design optimization. Want your logo to be absolutely yours in full ownership? You have to trademark it.

Basic Branding Terms + Definitions

Contrive The Vibe's

Brand Development


It's 2022, you need an online presence to boost exposure, audience, and revenue. In order to maintain this online presence, branding is your most powerful tool. You care about your customers - and getting your branding and website right is of upmost importance. You need a brand that tells your story, is memorable, looks fantastic, and resonates with your customers. Contrive The Vibe will work with you to create a stylish, functional brand identity and website that will serve as a high-value referral and sales asset. I'll also make sure that your business can be found easily through common search engines like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.



Your website has to look great and have top-notch performance, but it also has to be easy to maintain. That's why I will build your site on Wix and Contrive The Vibe is an official Wix Partner. When it's time for you to work with your new website and brand identity, I'll hold your hand through the entire process. I'll transition everything over to you and get you up to speed on how to manage your new site and how to use your new brand identity as effectively and consistently as possible.

Together we will focus on:

  • Creating a brand strategy and visual identity that you're proud of

  • Creating a strategy that works both online and offline

  • Crafting a communication strategy that is right for your business and target audience

  • Positioning your brand as the authority in your field

  • Building a stunning website that is easy to use for both you and your customers

  • Establishing your website as a portal for resources, information, and referrals

  • Driving traffic through search engines like Google

  • Establishing a direct channel of communication with customers (CRM)


  • Develop your brand identity based off of your brand archetype.

  • Establish design and messaging consistency.

  • Create an online presence that tells your story and encourages engagement.

  • Generate connections through online interactions to grow email list of contacts.

  • Boost traffic and new customer visits through SEO, email marketing.

  • Help you set up multiple streams of income through your website and online platform.

  • Position your brand as the authority in your field.

  • Adhere to as many senses of your target audience as possible.

  • Any other specific goals for your business based on your current needs.

Why Choose Contrive The Vibe

Contrive The Vibe is a dedicated and experienced Wix Partner. I understand the importance of leveraging your online presence to make meaningful connections with your customers and generate new business.


My specialties include:

  • Communication Strategy

  • Sensory Branding & Marketing

  • Branding & Logo Design

  • Market Research

  • Digital Strategy

  • UX/UI Website Design

  • SEO

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Templates

  • Social Media Management

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